I walk, miles in my mind till I write a rhyme/
each word is a puzzle piece I picture time/
each second that ticks we loose a dollar/ 
we heard and follow paths as we grind & sweat upon these collars/
which are blue the hues of blues follow me/
arranged I’m deranged feel the pain through my veins/ 
I get blazed, dig deeper like my hearts con-caved/
my inner circles colored purple cuz we bruised by the earths pull/
I see rings of O’s like this is saturn/
rhythmic pattern my flow rides served on platter/
these spoon feds don’t get it its quite pathetic/
without the hard work you now lack the anesthetic/
to survive, keep mentally stable to stay alive/
or subject to be a zombie apocalypse is in your eyes/
how you choose to view the paths which you pursue/
televisions why individuality’s no longer a truth/
everybody got swag but you all look the same/
are we looking at mirrors or see the window pane (pain)/
I’m no christ or buddha but see me fighting/
I fight to spark minds with knowledge that will enlighten/ 
so I keep writing, as this pen ink bleeds/
bitch please, who tryna test the wittiest emcees/
2’s and the 3’s young homie that spells G.O.A.T/
The Greatest Of All Time and it’s murder he wrote/ 

Beat: Ski Beatz - 24 Hour Karate School - Cream Of The Planet Instrumental




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