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Instrumental: Concept - That Funky

What makes this song so special is that we literally started writing this song at 10:30pm and finished recording and mixing it down just now. We were hoping to have it finished and released by 12:30am on the dot but due to uploading this track was about 5 minutes late. Hope you all enjoy the hard work we put into this track!! ENJOY!



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    feelin it…
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    I remember seeing these guys a couple years ago performing “Bay Area Girls” at Soul Speak @ Santa Clara High School. Got...
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    Rebloging in case some of you missed the release time due to blackfriday shopping! Peep it and download! We put an...
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    Dope…ness. I like it. ^^ Free Download!
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    Check out IFP’s new track they just released, peep game and look out for an album to be released in the very near future...
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    Support IFP!

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